Haiku Fo-Yu! Vol 12

Today’s Haiku Topic: Simple Pleasure

Awake to the day
Coffee, bagel, and a bowl
The simple pleasures


Haiku Fo-Yu! Vol 11

Todays Haiku Topic: Windfall

Today I got paid!
Money makes life easier
I love tax season.

Haiku Fo-Yu! vol 10

Laptop crashed! Cannot post with thought provoking image. Sorry.

Today’s Haiku Topic: Disconnect

My computer crashed
I have been disconnected
It was kinda nice

Haiku Fo-Yu! vol 9

This Haiku Fo-Yu! entry is dedicated to fellow WordPress blogger:

Chris DeVoss

Humor is your gift

Leon Redbone’s fans booed you


Haiku Fo-Yu! vol 8

Today’s Haiku Topic: Day off

Waste the day away

Four day weekend from the grind

Thank you, M.L.K

Haiku Fo-Yu! vol 7

Today’s Haiku Topic: Grass

I walk through the grass

Soft, green outdoor carpeting

Feels good on my feet

Kangaroo Jumpsuit

I realize that my most recent posts have been a bit on the dark side (not the one from Star Wars, but the depressing one.)  So in an attempt to lighten things up a bit, I present to you: Kangaroo Jumpsuit.  Enjoy.

I am but a kangaroo in a jumpsuit.

I try to be wild and free, but alas, I am just me.

I have no family and my best friend just died; and although I tried, I never cried.

My tail is broken and I can no longer lean back on it, like kangaroos like to do.

My pouch has a hole in it, and my kangaroo belongings keep falling out. I ask you, what’s the point of being a ‘roo?

So I take off my jumpsuit and walk to the ledge; to the edge of the ledge over there by the hedge.

And now it is the end for me, I wish I was a Walabee.

ah crap, i did it again. maybe tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Haiku Fo-Yu! vol 6

Today’s Haiku Topic: Depression

The darkness consumes

I fear that there is no hope

Searching for the light

Haiku Fo-Yu! vol 5

Today’s Haiku Topic: Stubbornness

You think that you’re right

I think that I am right, too

We must both be wrong

Haiku Fo-Yu! vol 4

Today’s Haiku Topic:  Disappointment

I relied on you

You were supposed to save me

Yet you let me fall

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