Common F*n Courtesy: Preface?

Can someone tell me what happened to the days of old, when man kind would reach a helping hand out to someone who needed it?  When we would come together by the many for the sake of just a few? I know that on some level, however dormant it may be, that mankind desires to be back on this level.

We have come to a time when we don’t trust one another.  We are often weary of our brothers and sisters, that they may “get one over on us”. We have become a materialistic, money-hungry society wherein it seems to have become every man for himself.

Is it in our nature to be judgmental? What sort of sick satisfaction to people get out of tearing another down?  When will the world realize that we are all part of the same Energy Field aka Universe?  By tearing down your fellow man, you are tearing down yourself. It is so simple.

To be continued…


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