I’m most lonely when I’m with you…

I can only blame myself,
you can’t change a rats tail.
I tried to make it work,
you were determined to make it fail.
I try to stay strong for the sake of the kids,
but I don’t want them growing up,
thinking that this is what love is.
We used to be friends,
and then we were more.
And it still hurts very much when you walk out the door.
But what other choices do we have?
We aren’t destined to be.
So keep doing you,
Cause I’ma do me.


Kangaroo Jumpsuit

I realize that my most recent posts have been a bit on the dark side (not the one from Star Wars, but the depressing one.)  So in an attempt to lighten things up a bit, I present to you: Kangaroo Jumpsuit.  Enjoy.

I am but a kangaroo in a jumpsuit.

I try to be wild and free, but alas, I am just me.

I have no family and my best friend just died; and although I tried, I never cried.

My tail is broken and I can no longer lean back on it, like kangaroos like to do.

My pouch has a hole in it, and my kangaroo belongings keep falling out. I ask you, what’s the point of being a ‘roo?

So I take off my jumpsuit and walk to the ledge; to the edge of the ledge over there by the hedge.

And now it is the end for me, I wish I was a Walabee.

ah crap, i did it again. maybe tomorrow will be a brighter day.