Haiku Fo-Yu! Vol 18


Today is July
Thirteen days till my birthday
I’ll be 31.


Haiku Fo-Yu! vol 16

Todays Topic: Perception of Reality

Quantum mechanics…
Which dimension am I in?
Am I really me?

Haiku Fo-Yu! vol 15

Being that 14 is my favorite number, and this is my 14th Haiku Fo-Yu!, I feel like writing on a topic that is near and dear to my heart. I hope this doesn’t discredit me in any way. If I had any cred to begin with…

I love you, Mary Jane

Green and sticky buds
Line them all up in a row
Which one will I choose?

I thought I ran out
Then Ben checked the ‘Spirit Drawer’
Manna from heaven.

First, you apply flame
Then, you inhale and hold it
Now, your mind opens.

Smoke the medicine
Breathe it into your body
Let the stress dissolve

Thanks for reading.

**note: upon reading this the next day, I realized that this is not my 14th post. Maybe I shouldn’t have done “research” for this post immediately before writing it. Haha…whoops**

Haiku Fo-Yu! vol 14

Tech Support

My laptop is fried
Hours in front of the screen
Damn technology!

Haiku Fo-Yu! Vol 13


One must remember
What goes around comes around
Let Karma fix it

Haiku Fo-Yu! Vol 12

Today’s Haiku Topic: Simple Pleasure

Awake to the day
Coffee, bagel, and a bowl
The simple pleasures

Haiku Fo-Yu! Vol 11

Todays Haiku Topic: Windfall

Today I got paid!
Money makes life easier
I love tax season.

Haiku Fo-Yu! vol 10

Laptop crashed! Cannot post with thought provoking image. Sorry.

Today’s Haiku Topic: Disconnect

My computer crashed
I have been disconnected
It was kinda nice

Haiku Fo-Yu! vol 9

This Haiku Fo-Yu! entry is dedicated to fellow WordPress blogger:

Chris DeVoss

Humor is your gift

Leon Redbone’s fans booed you


Haiku Fo-Yu! vol 8

Today’s Haiku Topic: Day off

Waste the day away

Four day weekend from the grind

Thank you, M.L.K

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