Valentines Day in Capitalist America

Today is Valentines Day. My son is 7. He is in the first grade. Today they exchanged ‘Valentines.’ The sad thing is, not one of them was an actual Valentine. They were all candy; not even a card with candy stuck in it. Just candy with a ‘To:’ and ‘From:’ spot on it for the kids to write their names. I remember when the only candy Valentines were the ones with the red heart lollipops in them. But even then they were attached to a card.

I remember when Valentines cards were actual cards that you had to read and decide which ones were just right for each of your classmates. Or even better, when you would actually make your own card out of red construction paper, doilies, pink tissue paper, crayons, elmers glue, markers and glitter.

There is no thought put into the act of giving a friend a card with a special message in it anymore. Instead, my son got lollipops, sweet tarts packets, gummies, fun dip, starburst and other various candies.

Also I noticed that most of the kids parents filled in the names for their child. My son wanted to write the names himself and I figured this was a great writing exercise for him. So, what part of all this is supposed to be special for them?

While we did buy the candy packages, I also made sure we got regular cards and stapled them to the candy.

It just makes me sad for the little ones that they are not getting to experience the holiday for what it is. Yes, it’s a day to have fun, act crazy and get sweet treats but where is the personality? Where is the LOVE?

I feel that our kids are just another demographic for marketers to target. It makes me
God bless the almighty dollar.

~Disheartened by Capitalist America.